October 17, 2017

What Side Does What?

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In the words of Dr. Gopal, ‘Your brain is a masterpiece, divided into two parts, left and right.  In the left nothing is right and in the right nothing is left.’

This quote is ever so true for those of you who may have suffered a stroke or traumatic brain injury to the left or right side of your brain.  Your brain is a funny little thing responsible for so many necessities to get through even the simplest tasks each day.  As depicted in the photo above taken from the Brain Injury Association of America, you can see which side is responsible for what actions.

If you have suffered a stroke or brain injury to the left side of your brain, in addition to right hemiparesis, you may also lose the ability to organize your thoughts clearly or think sequentially or logically, and you may even have difficulty understanding what others are saying to you (Wernicke’s or receptive aphasia) or struggle with finding the words to communicate your thoughts (Broca’s or expressive aphasia). Can you imagine not being able to tell someone what it is that you need in that exact moment? Damage to this side of the brain can be extremely frustrating for many people.

Different from injuries to the left side of your brain are those to the right side. The right side is responsible for all of the imaginative and creative genius that you used daily to sketch the Mona Lisa. Ok maybe not all of us have ever even come close to being that creative but you get what I’m saying.

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