My mom is doing SO much better. She has been getting in-home therapy and her range of motion is nearly fully restored. Her speech is still somewhat of a struggle, but she has good outpatient speech therapy, which she's doing daily. You guys have been such a blessing and I can't thank you enough for shepherding me and my family through really the most horrific time of our lives.”

It's been 21 years since I have participated in PT and OT. I look forward to starting a new kind of physical therapy. Thank you for helping me right the right path.”

I am continually amazed how frequently the information does not come from the physician - how frequently the path that we choose or the things that are most valuable to (my son’s) recovery have not come from through the physician but have come through word of mouth or therapists.”

I would not wish for anyone to go through this nightmare, however, Utilize Health made this whole process bearable. Having them take charge of the entire rehab process allowed us to focus on our son and his health. Words cannot describe how helpful they were and how appreciative we are”

When I started to get discouraged with my progress, I came across Utilize Health and they helped me find a new physical therapist to push me harder and farther. They made it easy to locate resources in my neighborhood, set up appointments, and feel confident. ”

When she (Patient Advocate) said that she and her team were going to take care of my girls I broke down. And the promise has most certainly been kept. They have helped us in so many ways. They researched options, they’ve pointed us to clinical trial opportunities, they’ve made appointments and even contacted a rehabilitation center where my girls live where they are getting some PT.”