December 15, 2017

That One Time Utilize Health Adopted a Turtle

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At Utilize Health we spend everyday making sure patients with neurological conditions are getting the care they need and are on the right care path to achieve their maximum potential of recovery. We always put our patients first and it is our duty to help them achieve their health goals.

We take this so seriously in fact, we’ve gone interspecies. Our Director of Care Coordination, Carrie, went down to Key West, FL. While there, she went on a very specific mission to check out how sea turtles with spinal cord injuries are rehabbed at The Turtle Hospital.

Taken from The Turtle Hospital’s website: “ The Turtle Hospital opened its doors 1986 with four main goals: 1) rehab injured sea turtles and return them to their natural habitat, 2) educate the public through outreach programs and visit local schools, 3) conduct and assist with research aiding to sea turtles (in conjunction with state universities), and 4) work toward environmental legislation making the beaches and water safe and clean for sea turtles.”

The hospital has been treating turtles for over 30 years now and has released most of them back into the wild after their rehabilitation was complete. However, there are a few permanent residents at The Turtle Hospital. One of the permanent guests is a loggerhead named Rebel who suffered a spinal cord injury due to a boat strike. The strike rendered his back flippers paralyzed, which causes him to have buoyancy issues. To fix the buoyancy issue, the hospital attached weights to the rear of his carapace.

A candid of Rebel doing turtle things! (from The Turtle Hospital site)


Due to his injury, Utilize Health felt that we needed to step in and help Rebel get the care he needed. Being no experts on turtle rehabilitation, we decided the best option was to adopt him! According to his official adoption papers, “The adoption donation will provide food, medication and other supplies needed to take care of [him] for one year”  Everyone please welcome Rebel, the loggerhead turtle, as the newest member of the Utilize Health family.

Check out The Turtle Hospital’s website here:

If you’d like to make a donation to help out the turtles go here:


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