February 02, 2018

5 of the Most Accessible Cities in the U.S.

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These are 5 of the most accessible cities in the US

Thanks to the groundbreaking work is doing on creating a rating system for city accessibility, it is easier to find out which cities are best for wheelchair users than ever before! Below you will see some of the most accessible cities in the country:

  1. Boston, MA’s accessibility score: 22/25

One of the country’s oldest major cities is also one of it most accessible. With so many tourist sites around the city, it should be a relief that virtually all of them are accessible!’s accessibility score gives Boston an “Excellent” rating with a score of 22/25 points. The strong points for the city are the attractions accessibility and the hotels, both scoring a 5/5.

The only small knock is that some of the subway lines are not wheelchair accessible, but most all of the public transport is besides the few stations. Another small knock on the city is the cobbled streets in certain sections of the city,, making it difficult, but not impossible, to travel around those parts. Boston’s famous Freedom Trail, which takes participants on a 2.5 mile journey to 16 historically significant sites is accessible. Some of the newer attractions are accessible as well including the New England Aquarium, Museum of Science and the Old State House


  1. Las Vegas, NV’s accessibility score: 22/25

Some may find it surprising that “Sin City” is up near the top when it comes to accessibility. Most of the Vegas mainstays like the massive hotels, casinos, shows and trips down the strip sidewalk to see the lights are wheelchair accessible. Looking for an accessible experience to get your adrenaline pumping? The SlotZilla Zoomline, a zipline that flies you over Fremont St at over 30 mph, is accessible!


  1. Seattle, WA’s accessibility score: 22/25

Located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, Seattle is one of the hottest cities in the US. Not only is it a popular city for tourist and transplants, it is also one of the nation’s most accessible cities.

Boasting wheelchair accessible public transportation and even accessible ferries, Seattle is great for wheelchair users even though it is car-dependent to see all that the city has to offer. Seattle’s top attractions like the Space Needle, Seattle Aquarium,Olympic Sculpture Park and many more!


  1. Chicago, IL’s accessibility score: 21/25

The Windy City has some harsh winters, with hazardous conditions even for non-wheelchair users, but the city does offer great accessibility options and the summers are extremely pleasant! The city has a lot of cultural options like the Chicago Disability Pride parade and programs to integrate people with disabilities into the rich Chicago theatrical world. Its strong points are its accessible taxis and attractions. Attractions? Tell me more about the accessibility of the city’s famous spots! Millennium Park and the famous “bean” are wheelchair accessible along with the navy pier, the Willis Tower skydeck and the Field Museum of Natural History to name a few!


  1. Denver, CO’s accessibility score: 20/25

As scenic as Seattle, Denver is also a very accessible city with lots of accessible attractions and transport. Its highest score being hotel accessibility, which means it is a great tourist spot for wheelchair users! The city’s light rail is also fully accessible. The flat nature of Denver’s downtown is a bonus for disabled visitors and residents alike due to its ease of navigation.

Denver has a strong history of being an early adopter of accessible transportation and has been a leader in making its many attractions and living spaces easy to use for people with disabilities. What about Denver’s top attractions, are they accessible? Yes, many of Denver’s top attractions like the Coors Brewery, The US Mint, The Denver Zoo and the Denver Botanical Garden are all accessible for wheelchair users.


Special thanks to for providing the wheelchair accessible rating system. Want to learn more about what Utilize Health does? Visit to learn more!

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